Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kris Wu Fan and Victoria Song [KrisToria]

Well, Victoria and Kris are my ultimate biases. I started to ship this couple few weeks ago because i realized that Kris and Victoria have some similarities and also connection (?) :p

Both of them are the leader of their group.

Kris and Victoria are Chinese.

Ice cream flavor. 
Kris like vanilla & green tea ice cream, but he prefers green tea more. Vanilla ice cream? It reminds me of F(X)'s song ice cream. Green tea? That's Victoria's favorite ice cream flavor!

Ideal type
Victoria's Ideal type: a man who is taller than her, non smoker, filial piety, speaks the same language. She also mentioned that her ideal type is a man who has big eyes, bushy eyebrows, lean n muscular, he's a kind person who can sing a song for her.
Kris' ideal type is someone who is kind, a good cook, filial, can take care of others, and looks like an angel. 
It seems like they Kris and Victoria described each other as ideal type.LOL

Kris is a big fan of 'IRIS' and he usually replaying that drama a few times . In Got We Married, Victoria said that she is a big fan of 'Iris'.

Airport Fashion.
Kris' and Victoria's airport fashion are impressing!
They look like super models with a stunning fashion style at the airport.. :p

"Victoria who is known for having her sexy and chic fashion style never fails to impress when she dresses up for an outing." 

F(x)'s Victoria airport fashion

 "EXO-M’s Leader, Kris was known to be the highly fashioned leader when it comes to dressing up and Airport fashion."
cr: koreanupdates 

Prince and Princess Charm

F(X) Victoria Photos from Electric shock album
 Victoria looks stunning with a doll-like look, beautiful outfit, pearls necklace, long blond hair, and a dazzling blue eyes.
EXO Kris in 17th teaser
Cool gaze, charismatic eyes, handsome face, princely hairstyle : almost perfect.

Victoria looks like a princess (or fairy) and Kris looks like a charming vampire or the main character of 3D game... XD

How if Kris, a charming, heartless, and cold-blooded vampire fall in love with Victoria? haahaaa..that's just my imagination....(Can somebody please make a fan fiction about this ? XD)

I think they share some similar personalities: warm-hearted, kind, and caring. They are also very friendly to the fans.

Victoria gave a homemade cake to the fans (in China)

Fans called her "Vic-umma" because she is a nice, friendly and caring girl. Many people also call her "angel" or "goddess". She is a certified angel !! XD *click here.

Kris told fans that the hand banner got upside - down
(funny and so sweet!)

KrisToria moments.

Look at how Kris stare at her.
 (cr: to the right owner)

Although Kris is younger than Victoria, but i think he is very mature for his age. Maybe it's because he is the leader and also he has younger brother. 

By the way, Kris' favorite track from EXO-M’s “MAMA” Mini-Album is Into Your World/Angel (Angel? Victoria? hhaaa XD)

Victoria's cute, dorky, cheerful personality and Kris' cool, serious, and shy (?) personality...great combination! XD
What do you think? 

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P.S. i will update this post anytime, depends on the new facts and etc.



  1. I ship kristoria,too! A perfect couple

  2. K r i s T o r i a <33 All Thee Way!!! ^.~

  3. hehehe... Glad to know that there are many Kristoria shippers now ^^

  4. im ship them tooooo <3 glad to see you guys XD