Monday, December 10, 2012

[EXO]: Kris and his new son? [121210]

Kris today at Malaysia Airport
( Those pictures do not belong to me. Credit: As mentioned in the picture)

Kris brought a cute dragon plushie at the airport!
That must be a gift from a fan.... 
I think that doll looks like Pokemon character

As we know, Kris also has an Alpaca plushie  from a fan before and then he named it "Ace". 
He even claimed Ace as the 13th member of EXO.

It is possible that Kris will give that dragon plushie a name and introduce it as the 14th member of EXO? LOL XD

 Or maybe he will just introduce it as Ace's brother....Hahahaa....
(p.s. someday i wanna buy an alpaca doll and a dragon plushie like that XD)

By the way ....Kris looks tired in this picture :(
 (credit: as mentioned in the picture)

Kris is sleeping on the plane 
(credit: krisma0704)

Kris is in Malaysia, and here i am T_T
we are very close now....i wish i could fly to Malaysia..hahaa

Hope he is alright and stay healthy! ^^


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