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Maka Albarn (マカ・アルバーン, Maka Arubān)

Maka Albarn is a weapon technician, her weapon being Soul Eater Evans, a scythe weapon. Her father, Death Scythe or Senior Spirit, is a weapon while her mother, Kami, is a weapon technician. She may have feelings towards Soul, as every time Blair flirts with him she gets jealous. Maka is very determined to be just like her mother, she's also smarter than Soul in solving problems.
Maka Alban is the weapon meister of Soul Eater Evans. She is shown to be a fairly level-headed girl who's also extremely smart (acing Stein's "ultra-hard exam" and beating Ox). She is also the daughter of Spirit, Shinigami-sama's Death Scythe, although she seems to have disowned him due to his nature to chase women. She is also a very kind girl at times, such as when she befriends Crona.
At the beginning of the series, she was one witch's soul away from making Soul into a death scythe, only to have her progress erased when Blair's cat soul was taken instead. This, in terms, would mean she is an "Almighty Janitor" of sorts; that she is much more powerful than her current position indicates.

Maka is known for the catch phrase she says when confronting an enemy,  
'Tamashi wo Itadakuyo!' ('Your soul is mine!')


            Me as Maka Albarn           Izen as Soul 

  Event Sang Timur Februari 2009