Monday, April 20, 2015

K Project Anime Review should I start this ~ahaha... I think this is the first time for me to make such a long note /review (?) about anime/manga. I don’t usually do something like this if I’m not really interested. Actually there are many anime/manga that I want to discuss in my blog, but sometimes I don’t have much time to do that and end up forgetting about what I wanted to say lol T_T /badhabit/

I started to watch K Project several months ago... (so I can say this is a super late review haha.) Actually I have known K Project some time back then when one of my friends (who is an otaku haha) watched the anime but I was not really curious ‘bout it. Then when finally I found this anime (again) from one of my students, that was a whole different I always ask about the story, the characters and even try to watch some scenes before I copy an anime/manga. When I watched some scenes of the first episode, my eyes automatically were captivated by the appearance of a red-haired man with fierce gaze. (I don’t know why but I always have tendency to be interested in such strong character). The bad thing was that my students suddenly said that the redhead was going to die //sobs// /mooddestroyer/ Although I felt a little disappointed, I decided to copy all episodes at once.

....After I watched all the episodes...honestly.. I didn’t really understand about the whole story hahaha... I was confused about the plot... present..past..present.... there were also many terms and characters that I didn’t understand /slap/ Sometimes I have this complicated state of mind when I watch/read about a fictional story. I think about questions like ‘how did the character gain such a power?’ ‘why did he/she do that?’ , etc.. I know it’s fiction..but still I have some questions like that in my mind..-_- The point is that I always want to know the reason behind certain action/plot.

“King? What is King?” “ How did he become a King?” “Why they have such a power?” “What is HOMRA?” “What is SCEPTER4?” “Why this cute cat can turn into a human?” -____-... yeah those questions filled my mind while I was watching K Project... I hadn’t read the manga at that time..that’s why I didn’t understand the story at all. But still, for me, who hadn’t read the manga, I thought this anime was still interesting. The characters are great, and although the plot is somehow “confusing” I could say I liked it. The ‘confusing’ plot is actually one of the most interesting parts. It gives the anime a mysterious touch, and only certain people can really understand it. (it is challenging, isn’t it? Haha)  

After I finished watching all episodes, I can say... I love this anime. This anime is one of my favs now. The story, the characters, and the concept are unique, which are good because not all anime have that uniqueness. Different colored Kings, the power, Strain, the sword of Damocles---the Blues and Red clan-----those elements are actually perfect, and I had hoped this anime would be longer than 12 episodes..... :( :( 

My favorite characters are Mikoto Suoh and Totsuka Tatara. Although I didn’t know much about them, especially Totsuka, I like their characters. I feel that their personalities match each other. The strong, tough, and frightening aura of Suoh, and the ‘fragile’, calm, and carefree personality of Totsuka Tatara ------ they are meant for each other, aren’t they? lol. Don’t get me wrong....I didn’t ship them back then, I didn’t even realize that all the things Mikoto Suoh did was getting revenge on Totsuka’s murderer. I actually felt flustered and even a bit disappointed toward Mikoto’s action. He ‘killed’ himself for unclear reason, something that in fact, could be avoided. That fight with Munakata Reisi-----I didn’t think It’s necessary but he did it anyway. T.T The most HEART BREAKING part was of course Mikoto died. Died. He died in a tragic way.. I cried silently when I watched the scene...(who didn’t?) It’s not exaggerating I think...when the major character die, especially when he/she is your favorite character...You know that feeling right ../cries/.

The other interesting thing about this anime is it involves the feelings and the emotions of the characters. We can feel their emotions and even somehow we can understand them. This anime can also make us think about the link between the characters’ personalities and the possible actions they would take in certain situation. Yeah I can say that this anime is full of FEELS T___T

In conclusion, these are some points that I had in my mind after watching the anime:
-The characters are great, especially the main characters.
-The plot is interesting, and yet confusing /haha
-The idea of different colored Kings in this anime is very interesting.
-There were many things I didn’t understand about this anime like Kagutsu crater, The Kings, their power and also the Sword of Damocles.
-I thought Totsuka Tatara was a minor character
-At first, It was hard for me to differentiate between Totsuka and Yashiro
-Anna is such a lovely character. *hug*
-I found the scene in which Neko walking around naked rather disturbing//TwT//sorry
-I love the soundtrack, especially the instrumental songs. They fit the anime perfectly.
-I think my feeling for Mikoto Suoh is a love at the first sight. lol /slap/
Huah~ this review is longer than expected haha.... ^^ Anyway, I just found short novel of K several days ago 0_______0 omg I didnt even know about it... /crieshappily/  all I know was the anime and manga. Ok I’m going to finish reading the novel~ See u next time ~^^

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